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No more sixteen hour shifts, no more docking our pay for missing quotas that nobody could make, no more locking us in the factory so we can't see our families, and most importantly, Ludlow, no more you! We're done paying you for pee breaks and meal breaks. We're done with your bots beating on us and then you charging us for first aid. If you don't go, we don't work. That's non-negotiable!

Salene Crow is a character in Wasteland 3: Battle of Steeltown.


The fiery leader of the Steeltown workers currently on strike, Crow had enough of Karl Ludlow's repressive, exploitative policies enacted with the tacit approval of Abigail Markham. Leveraging the imminent attack by Liberty's gangs, she has taken control of the factory floor, smashed up machines and finished goods to shut down production and is leading a classic worker's strike, fighting 19th century labor exploitation. Of course, this has earned her the ire of Markham's head of security, who'd prefer to indulge his inner Pinkerton and machine gun workers and their families into submission.

Crow had the good thinking to lock down the factory level and use the large armored door to deny Markham's thugs (or security force) access to the inside. Since then, she and Ludlow have been mostly throwing obscenities at one another, with no progress being made. Her plan is simple: Talk to Markham, get her to see reason, and restore things back to the way they were before she sent Karl down. As for herself, she is a child of Patriarch's deception: A refugee from the Eastern Plains, who lost her folks to war and slavery, and was enslaved herself. Crow killed the slaver who professed to own her, escaped, and made her way to Steeltown to try and build a new life for herself.

What nobody is aware of is that there's a third layer to Salene Crow: She was sent by Liberty Buchanan to Steeltown to destabilize it and knock yet another tooth out of the maw of the Patriarch. Salene believes she can later rebuild the arcology and usher in a new era of peace and prosperity.


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Factory Fracas
Steeltown Blues



Ludlow was the tipping point, but things were already getting weird. Markham started relying on her 'Computation Engine' to make all her decisions. Setting fourteen hour shifts, hiring people based on these crazy tests. That's how I got hired. I mean, here's me with my history of killing former employers and the test said I had an obedient personality. I was glad to get the job, but what the hell? Only a computer would think putting a born shit-stirrer like me in a slave pit, and hiring a gaping asshole like Ludlow to watch over me, was a good idea.