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Sans Luxe Apartments is a location in Wasteland 3.


Colorado Springs' finest "affordable housing" (basically, a flophouse) ran by Rosie Wong.

Points of interest

  • The Apartments are a relatively small location, broken up into the apartments and the main corridor:
    • Apartment by the entrance is Rosie Wong's own. Check the container for a cassette tape.
    • Apartment 1 contains a locked shutter, which can be opened if you repair the generator with Mechanics 5. It contains an armor crate with leveled armor and a Cyborg Chicken.
    • Apartment 2 contains Frank Pappas.
    • Apartment 3 belongs to Irv. See Don't You Be My Neighbor for details. Door requires Lockpicking 5 to open.
    • Apartment 4 contains a broken toaster with the Argon Lance.
    • Apartment 5 has a level 3 lock and contains a booze box with some Boors.
    • Apartment 6 has a level 4 lock and has Satoshi and various computers.


Notable loot

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