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Negative, Team November, I did not copy. I definitely did not hear an elf cry out for help from the tyranny of Santa Claus.
~ Corporal Marcelo Gonzalez

Santa's Workshop is a location in Wasteland 3.


A charming fake little village that used to be a Christmas-themed tourist trap before the apocalypse. Now it's something far worse: A slave labor camp for abducted Colorado dwellers, forced to make drugs for Santa wearing explosives disguised as jingling bells.

Points of interest[]

  • Isn't this nice? The main building has elves working on goods, er, presents to deliver, with Santa watching over them! Of course, this is Wasteland, so there's nothing pure here. Talk to Sugarplum Mary to get some bearings and learn that Santa isn't who he pretends to be.
  • You can open the eastern door and go around the back. Perception will show a hidden path through the snow, allowing you to kill some snow hoppers behind and gives free access to the backstage areas of Santa's little elven utopia, including his hovel (loot it for ChemTek legs). Explore the area and fight off razorbacks and growlers, then open the shed with Lockpick 7 to find a pile of corpses and a box with the Jingle All The Way Schematics. Lockpick 9 allows you to acquire the brain candy recipe from Santa's safe.
  • After discovering the drug formula you can confront Santa. There are multiple skill check options available as well as attempting to arrest Santa or starting combat directly.
    • Hard Ass 6 allows you to convince Santa to leave peacefully.
    • Weird Science or Kiss Ass 6 allows you to force Santa to send doses of Brain Candy to the Ranger HQ.
    • Attempting to arrest Santa or telling him you're taking over result in combat starting with Santa's minions getting first action.
    • Initiating combat directly results in combat with the Rangers getting first action.
  • After dealing with Santa, you might want to use Lockpick 10 or Santa's key to open the storage room and grab the loot inside.


Notable loot[]