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Santa Fe Springs is a location in Wasteland 2.

Background[ | ]

An old water treatment plant, Santa Fe Springs was adopted by Team Foxtrot as the forward operating base of the Rangers in the Los Angeles area. Unfortunately, the Rangers overestimated their fighting ability and after Captain Deth departed for an overflight of Seal Beach, they came under attack from nuke pooches, which tore apart the remainder of the team. By the time Team Echo arrives to link up with Team Foxtrot, only Captain Carlson remained alive, though fatally wounded.

Some time after Team Echo left Los Angeles and the second war with the Cochise AI was over, Brother Thomas and Pistol Pete and some others came back to Santa Fe Springs to officially establish the LA Rangers.[1]

Layout[ | ]

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Inhabitants[ | ]

Behind the scenes[ | ]

  • The location seems to be based on the real-life Santa Fe Springs water processing plant, which was demolished in February 25, 2014.

References[ | ]

  1. No Way Home, p.14: "“That’s Santa Fe Springs,” Pete said. “I met Woodson. He’s not here now, but alive as far as I know if that’s what you’re wondering. We all went back to Arizona for, well, a while. They stayed; me and a couple others came back to get the LA Rangers into shape.”"