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Satan is Virgil's possum.


Satan can be found in the crater in Rodia, he escaped from the pen Virgil keeps Satan in.


WL2 Quirk 07.png
This character has no special interactions.


  • Virgil will ask you to retrieve Satan by using possum treats, this quest has to be fulfilled before Virgil will open up about his relationship with Dante, opening the questline about Beatrice her betrayal.
  • However, if you type in "rodia" during the dialogue about Satan, it opens up all other dialogue options in sequence, and the "handy" dialogue option will then put the Dante quest in your log book, and Virgil will then claim that he won't talk until that quest is done. Though he'll still accept Satan back if you bring him. At least before Dante returns. No guarantees after that.
  • Regardless of which Ranger uses the Possum Snacks on Satan, the first Ranger gains Satan as an animal follower, and acquired in this manner he won't count towards the maximum of three animal followers. Though as all possums he moves one tile towards the enemy whenever he takes a turn during combat, making him a harder to keep alive compared to stationary cows and goats. And since he doesn't have any dialogue it is impossible to temporarily dismiss him to keep him safe.
  • Using Animal Whisperer on Satan after bringing him back to Virgil will be interpreted as theft, and Virgil will call the Rangers jerks, refuse to work with them, and say he'll let the rest of the town know.