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The deal's still in place. You help me. I help Arizona. And the flame of civilization spreads its warm glow over more and more of the west. That's what we all want, right?

Saul Buchanan AKA The Patriarch is the self-made ruler of Colorado in Wasteland 3.


Saul Buchanan was the child of the nuclear war, born in a nuclear bunker in November 2024. The refuge, built by his grandfather, Abraham Buchanan during the 90s, against the ridicule of his peers, protected the Buchanan family from the ravages of the nuclear devastation and allowed them to educate a generation ready for the rigors of the surface.[1] His father, Isaiah Buchanan, passed the duty of maintaining the United States to his son. The symbolic gesture before the Hundred Families was almost prophetic: Saul Buchanan became a legend as the Patriarch, after a lifetime of warring and bringing Colorado's warring factions to heel.

Colorado Springs has been ruled by the Patriarch for over 50 years. The Patriarch has three exiled heirs: sons Valor and Victory, and daughter Liberty. None of them are fit to inherit the throne - and the Patriarch's health has taken a turn for the worse in recent years. He continues to experience tremors in both hands, muscular rigidity, and loss of balance, as well as irritability, impaired judgment and decision-making, and moderate depression. All symptoms are worsening at a steady rate. Although Buchanan rejected the diagnosis of shaking palsy at first and threw Nash Parker out for suggesting that he will be completely incapacitated in two to three years, he has started looking for a replacement.

The Desert Rangers' troubles in Arizona proved the perfect opportunity: In return for Colorado's supplies, they would take over the Patriarch's grand project and deal with his three errant children. More than that, if the Rangers help Colorado, he will give them a permanent base in the state and provide whatever's necessary to return their force to full strength, allowing them to return to Arizona with as many Rangers as you left it with - recruited by them, trained by them, paid for by him. A good offer, especially since Woodson originally sent fifty Rangers to Colorado. Only a handful survived.


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This character starts quests.

The Psychopath
The Zealot
The Traitor
Cornered Rats

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This character is involved in quests.

Rangers' Last Hope
Home Away from Home


  • Rangers' Last Hope: The Patriarch will be the focus of the campaign and is first met at the Peterson AFB, where he gifts the suffering rangers the military base and promises his support to them.
  • Home Away from Home: After the AFB is firmly under your control, he briefs you on the whys of having you in Colorado and starts...
  • The Psychopath, The Zealot, The Traitor: The three quests that will be your focus for a while.
  • Cornered Rats: Also suggests taking out the last remnants of the Dorseys holed up in Colorado Springs.



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