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Scar Collector mine is a location in Wasteland 3.


Welcome to one of the more impressive sights in Colorado, a crashed Soviet Union space station that miraculously did not vaporize on impact. The station was a silent witness of the Great War on March 21, 1998, when a meteor shower obliterated Citadel Starstation without it reacting at 1923 hours. A little over an hour later, the nuclear war was in full swing, ending humanity. Without a way to return home and watching in powerlessness as nuclear missiles obliterated the Union, the crew under Lt. Col. Gagarin decided to launch a suicide attack and crash the station into Cheyenne Mountain. A defense missile prevented NORAD's destruction at the last minute, knocking it off target and leaving it to crash land.

Points of interest[]

  • The place where you make the Scar Collectors turn on each other. Give the Company Store a wide berth, unless you like a fight. Instead, you can use the computer near it, by the station's surviving module, to enter the mine (Nerd Stuff 10 required). This will give you instant access to the Betamax Tape that can be used to incriminate Steel-Trap and a ton of good loot. Otherwise, head north between the modules, following the tracks. Just under the sign is a minefield (up to level 9) and beyond that, the entrance to the space station. You can use the ramp to the right to make the entrance fight easier (Sneaky Shit 8 required). The fight includes an overseer, a cyclops, several thralls, and a pair of high powered turrets up the ramp. After wiping them out, be sure to check the electronic level 10 safe for some cosmonaut logs.
  • Up in the northeast is a sealed section with remnants of the Soviet robotic crew. The doors open with Lockpicking 9 and you can get a second point of entry if you repair the level 7 generator at the mine entrance. You can also disable the tripwire with level 9 Sneaky Shit. Otherwise, you have to, unfortunately, fight them and if you just wander in uninvited, you're in for a Bad Time(tm). Loot the area either way to find a plastered cosmonaut with the Soviet sec pass, a level 8 broken toaster, and an interactable computer. You can use Nerd Stuff 9 to apply a rootkit and make sense of the Cyrillic, replacing it with an English interface courtesy of AldrichAmes.exe. You can learn about the last moments of the station and get a temporary Soviet robot companion.
  • The next chamber of the mine contains a lot of Scar Collectors. Get the drop on them, then loot the chamber to find an unique ornament. The final chamber contains the massive mechagrowler and the last challenge. After wiping them out, talk to Dee Sharp, then meet her outside the Company Store - then proceed, as usual, to kill everyone inside to let her get her stuff.
  • If you're working with Cordite, the area plays out essentially the same, except saving Dee Sharp doesn't bring about an infighting, just a reward of loot. All that matters is the Betamax.


Notable loot[]