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The Scar Collectors is a faction in Wasteland 3.


The Scar Collectors are a gang of slavers who heavily modify their bodies as badges of honor. One of the things that makes the Scar Collectors so intimidating is their faint but ever-present stench of gangrene. They are the single largest unified gang in the eastern plains, completely addicted to body modifications and operating one of the largest slaving operations in the known wasteland. However, they are also prone to infighting on a major scale, which keeps them from overrunning the rest of the Colorado.

The Collectors are one of the gangs the Patriarch declares defeated, steering clear of the Nation of Colorado. Problem is, he never actually defeated them: The Scar Collectors under Ironclad Cordite battled the Patriarch's army to a stalemate and forced him to the bargaining table. Instead of defeat, he struck a deal: In return for money, supplies, and slaves, they'd avoid Colorado and stick to the east with their raids, allowing him to peacefully build a nation.

The arrangement worked well until Liberty Buchanan's coup attempt failed and she fled east. She realized the gangs were kept in the dark about the deal. She turned the Payasos, the Godfishers, and the Collectors against their leaders by revealing that secret. Star-that-Dreams overthrew Clouds-Drifting-West to lead the Godfishers, Lecherito killed Slapstick to take the Payasos, and Steel-Trap jumped Cordite and sold him to a bauxite mine. Now he's running the Scar Collectors for Liberty Buchanan.


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