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Schachinger shrine is one of the mysterious shrines erected to commemorate backers.

Location[ | ]

South-east of Santa Fe Springs. See the map for details.

Layout[ | ]

A shrine dedicated to the RPG Codex forums. Their recognizable troll sits on the pedestal outside (+1 skill point, hopw roewur ne), with a locked hatch leading inside the compound (level 9 Computer Science challenge or FATE code). Inside there are dozens of corpses strewn about.

The passage to the second level is a locked floor hatch near the very back corner. It may only be accessible with a Perception of 8 or more. There's a computer on the lower level, granting around 1150 experience points.

Occasionally sound of slow footsteps can be heard inside of the compound. Source of footsteps cannot be found.

Notable loot[ | ]