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Scrap is the basic unit of currency in Wasteland 2.


The basic currency of the wasteland. As a homage to the United States Dollar of old, this unit of money also uses the the dollar sign $ as its symbol.


  • Found all over the place. In Arizona, one easy way to amass thousands of scrap is to farm random raider encounters on the world map. In areas with Red Skorpions, there's usually at least one heavy gunner per encounter. Their weapon (usually a Bren) will always yield junk parts, which can be sold to Tobias Melson at the Citadel for lots of cash. One gun can total several hundred scrap in parts if the Rangers are lucky.

Scrap is a miscellanous item in Wasteland 3.


Just a pile of junk. Who'd think there's anything valuable about this?

Wasteland 3[]

In wasteland 3 dollars separated from scrap. Scrap is only used for crafting.

Prices listed in dollars are affected by the Barter skill.