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Seal Beach (or New Citadel) is a location in Wasteland 2.

Background[ | ]

Starting as a tourist destination in the early 20th century, with a pier and a beach-side amusement park, during World War Two it became a munitions storage facility for the Pacific Fleet. This remained its primary focus until it was bombed into the stone-age during the apocalypse. The New Citadel is actually an old cold war era naval communications facility that officially never existed, and never appeared on any map.

Layout[ | ]

Surface[ | ]

World map exitCrazy traderReverend Degge T. Thomas, Jr.DweezleJohnie ZipperDuganEntrance to the UndergroundScorpitron 2.0Exit from the Scorpitron manufacturing hallHelicopter to the Ranger CitadelEntrance to the undergroundWL2 Seal Beach Map
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Interactive map

  • Dweezle and Johnie Zipper will try to convince the player that they aren't trying to swindle them into heading straight to a trap. Dweezle is lying. Johnie will lead the Rangers to a place where they can easily access the underground.
  • Sermon field (Degge T. Thomas, Jr.) and entrance to the underground. The Rangers can attend the sermon, but this will end with them having to wipe out every last attendee.
  • Internal field, confrontation with Dugan, a Scorpitron 2.0, and helicopter to the Ranger Citadel. This is the first of a sequence of three endgame fights.
  • A follower stands next to a portable toilet near the sermon field. He can be given baby wipes.

Underground[ | ]

Entrance from the factoryEntrance from the sermon fieldToaster with DAT tape for Ethil Mercaptain, gives three powerful weapon upgradesDuganElevator to surfaceWL2 New Citadel Underground
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Interactive map

  • The Rangers will have to listen to a small speech, revealing the cooperation between Matthias and Dugan, before being forced to fight a number of workerbots and a Meson cannon. Entering the cargo elevator in the back will carry the Rangers to the confrontation with Dugan.

Behind the scenes[ | ]

  • At least two internal levels were cut from the game.