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Secpass 3 is one of the first of the Sleeper Base / Base Cochise Secpass keycards you will obtain. These items appear to be consistent with late-20th century security tokens used to access electronically locked doors.


Found in the Sleeper Base on the first floor, in a debris pile in one of the alcoves in the second row south from the door.

Opens doors in the following Zones:

Sleeper Base

  • 1st Floor
    • The interior door in the room to the southeast of the entrance, past the door opened by Secpass 1. This room contains a locked weapons locker (which has AK-97 assault rifles in it, and perhaps some ammo).
    • The door to the far southeast corner of the map. This room contains a Library where characters can learn the Clone Tech skill (requires IQ 22, 3 skill points). Clone Tech is necessary to make Cloning fluid, and thus, clones!
  • 2nd Floor
    • The first door you see when you get off the ladder. Leads into the hallway.
    • The first doors on the east and west as you proceed north along the hallway from the ladder. On the west is a room with the Base Doctor and a general library, and on the east is the Base Morgue. The Morgue contains the bodies of six people: Debra Vaulgren ("This body seems to have been placed here very recently"), Don Thomas ("This body smells worse than any of the others."), George Moronick ("It is by far the ugliest one of the lot."), and the less interesting corpses of Rudolph Sicorro, Roland Poucie, and Kenneth Ungla.
    • The second door to the west as you advance north down the corridor, past the map room. Contains another Base Doctor and a general library.
    • The third door and last door to the west as you advance north down the corridor away from the ladder and past the two Doctor/Library rooms. Contains absolutely nothing.
    • After proceeding all the way north along the first corridor from the ladder, the second door to the east. This room contains Secpass A.
  • 3rd Floor
    • The first door you see after leaving the ladder.
    • The door to the room in the northeast-most corner of the map. This room contains the main power controls.