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Secret Head is a character in Wasteland 3: Battle of Steeltown.


A custom, extremely advanced device created by Blue for the purposes of managing security services, medical analysis, companionship and also disposal of waste products (thus the toilet bowl).

Blue created Secret Head as his confidante and compatriot, and wired him to the garage's laser tripwires, seismometer, accelerometers, and dozens of microphones to ensure his security. His inbuilt functions include a spectrograph, a high resolution scanner, and an electronic olfactory array in the disposal pipe.

Together with its onboard medical book library, Secret Head can make basic diagnoses (and admittedly, more interesting than the philosophy part of its database). He provides companionship based on the aforementioned philosophical library, providing Blue with the works of the classics, synthesized into their voices on the fly.

Of course, he also disposes of bodily waste in a safe manner that poses no threat to the local groundwater table. Science!


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This character is involved in quests.

Steeltown Blues

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This character has other interactions.

You can make a pit stop at the Secret Head, gaining the Ranger talking to SH the Relieved bonus: +0.2 to combat speed and +2% to initiative, accuracy, and evasion.