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Security Level is a location in Wasteland 3: Cult of the Holy Detonation.


Previously Cheyenne's security level. Now used by the Nucleists to hold human test subjects.

Points of interest[]

  • The level starts of with a small, donut-shaped enclosed space that leads deeper into the facility. It's patrolled by a number of recon bots, which are distinct in that they will spawn a turret or a secondary recon bot in the first round of combat, so they're best taken out from an ambush. The other doors are barred by a laser field, so the only way is north, through the doors. Inside, the sealed door can be opened with the nearby computer (mind the tumor crate), which also allows you to explore the prison wings with cameras and snoop on Brother Thorium's journal, which details the experiments the Nucleists have been running on prisoners to find a way to create radiation angels.
  • Opening the door and disabling the security will lead to a second call from Goiter, who will break down the mission here. After getting the lay of the land, you will also be able to access the west and east doors in the outer perimeter. The eastern hall leads to a surveillance room where the two creeps who have been stalking and commenting on your Rangers' progress are located. However, by the time you get through the lockpick 9 door, they'll be gone, scrambling through a vent. Loot the area and grab the collectible faded cassette and the vigor dart recipe. The computer gives a glimpse into the server room, storage room, and commissary, helping figure out where the power shutdown switches are.
  • The western room is a trapped obstacle course leading to the maximum security wing. By weighing down the pressure plate in the corridor leading to the multiple laser barriers, you can access the computer in the other branch, which allows you to use Nerd Stuff 10 to lower the rest of the laser barriers permanently and reach everyone's favorite little fella, the Night Terror.
  • Now, entering the main area will trigger a massive gauntlet that's perhaps one of the toughest encounters in the DLC, since you have to activate three switches to lower down the laser grid barring access to Bezoar, then approach him and collect the skin flute from the locker, and only then reach the massive tumor at the entrance to the generator room to lower it and collect the crystal from within. Focus on getting there, as deactivating the generator also kills off all robots in the area. After all's said and done, note the level 9 broken toaster on the mess hall table, which contains a rare crafting component.
  • The cells other than Bezoar's hold a variety of things. There's Caul, Strontium, and the late Muscles McGinty, stopped not by the walls of his cell, but a worm turret bullet to the brain pan.



Notable loot[]

Behind the scenes[]

  • The environment was created and implemented by Paul Fish.