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Shiitake farms (called infected pump station in the game) is a site in Wasteland 2.

Background[ | ]

A small community of shacks built inside the crumbled concrete wall of an old piece of municipal infrastructure. There's a sign over the front gate that reads, "SHIITAKE FARMS." You don't see any signs of crazy plant growth, but something's definitely wrong. The fenced compound is filled with pumps, pipes, and purifiers. This must have been some kind of water treatment plant before the apocalypse, but the damp and dark has lent itself perfectly to growing fungi. Burrowed deep into the ground, the inside of the well is coated in large mushrooms. Shaded and dank, they seem to be thriving. Something about the bottomless abyss sends chills up and down your vertebrae.

The community would eventually be wiped out when a mutating disease was spread to it by pigeons from the Agricultural Center that converted the locals into pod people.

Layout[ | ]

  • The entire area is fairly straightforward. The player starts at the bottom of the map and works their way upwards, after meeting a female survivor who quickly mutates into an infected pod person. There's a total of six explosive critters in the part with the nutrient vat.
  • There are two approaches to the Farms, the first one is the main path takes you straight to the center, the second path however, which is a makeshift bridge, that starts to the right from where you enter the farm, takes you round to the other end of the map. It also leads you to a facility with some pod persons lying in wait, along with a crate and a safe containing loot.

Gallery[ | ]