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Shooting Star is a quest in Wasteland 3: Cult of the Holy Detonation.


Goiter says we can find the Scatter Ray Emitter somewhere in the loading dock.


  • To contain Angel Iridium, you'll need to find various advanced parts. Sciency parts. One of them is located on the Loading Dock. After arriving, you'll meet Metastatic, who will promptly flee deeper into the dock. Before you pursue, you'll have to call down the Kodiak to help activate the doors blocking entry into the loading dock complex. Before you head right in, Goiter will contact you and point out that you can make life easier for yourself, by manipulating the crane to trigger one of the transport containers to drop on the pressure plate and use the nitrogen dispensers to damage some of the drools in your way. Then you need to fight your way through to the final heating console to turn on the heating system in the vents (and kill of the drools), then it's a simple matter of collecting the ray emitter from the box.


Raw strings[]

Shooting Star
Head to the Loading Dock to look for the Scatter Ray Emitter
Enter the Loading Dock.
Enter the Shipping Room.
Enter the Operations Room.
Activate the Central Ventilation Heating System.
 Shutdown the Main Power Source
Find the Scatter Ray Emitter.
 Open the machine room
Use the pressure plates to lower the bollards.
Use the Kodiak to power the Ventilation System Console.
Brother Goiter says we can find a Scatter Ray Emitter in the loading docks.
Goiter says we can find the Scatter Ray Emitter somewhere in the loading dock.
Use the pressure plates to open the loading dock door. 
Use the Kodiak to open the shipping room door - or find another way (The Kodiak can only move during combat).
Drive the Kodiak onto the large pressure plate to open the operations room door (The Kodiak can only move during combat).
Looks like the proto-drools won't stop coming until we activate the ventilation backup heating system.
With the drools driven away we finally have some peace and quiet to search for the Scatter Ray Emitter.
We obtained the Scatter Ray Emitter.
To get the Kodiak to the operations room door, we'll have to lower the shipping room bollards.
To power the ventilation system console, we'll have to put the Kodiak on a pressure plate in the operations room.
The container we lowered onto a pressure plate opened the path to the shipping room.
Goiter advised us to call our vehicle from the exterior tunnel.
 It seems the pressure sensor we maxed the pressure on has damaged some combatants in our way.
It seems the liquid nitrogen explosion we caused wounded some of our opponents.