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Shredder Shot is a perk in Wasteland 3.


If you see any unprotected spot, put a hole in it. Make 'em pick between fighting and stopping all the blood.


Grants the Shredder Shot ability (4 AP).

Fires a Shotgun shell that inflicts Bleeding on anyone hit. Deals +100% damage against targets with Armor Damage.

Damage: 100% of weapon damage.


The best way to apply Damaged Armor status effect is through using a melee weapon upgraded with HE capsule (Applies Damaged Armor). So this can be a good build for Scotchmo which oriented on melee weapons and small guns by default. However, because HE capsule accessed only in the end game Rib Cracker (15% to apply Damaged Armor) can be used for leveling, accompanied by other weapons with Damaged Armor status effect on party members. Another plus of such build is that Shredder Shot has a good synergy with Bloodsport perk, which causes Blunt weapons to have 100% critical chance against Bleeding targets.