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The SHU Model is a nasty knife for stopping nasty people, Cadet Specialist.I got the idea from one of the nastiest, a sleaze bag named Nasty Gammons. We had him locked up in the brig, and he fashioned a makeshift weapon out of some rusty bed springs. We lost three Rangers when he tried to break out, all from (..) blood loss. I though learning from the design he used would make me feel better, but I kind of just feel shittier thinking about what it'll do to people.
~ Ethil Mercaptain on the weapon's origins

Shu-Model Ranger combat knife is a tier 1 bladed weapon in Wasteland 2.


A knife customized by Ranger R&D Expert Captain Mercaptain, the Shu-Model Ranger Combat Knife is a barbaric weapon made of leaf-springs and electrical tape. Subtle it's not.


The weapon alerts enemies (generates noise) in a 10 unit radius.