Brother Nero is a character in Wasteland 2.


Dr. Kyle is a member of the Mad Monks, performing free treatment on patients coming to the hospital in the Temple of Titan and giving cybernetic prosthetic limbs to anyone who wants it. She has been described as one of the most dedicated members of the order despite her being relatively new than many of the other monks.

She claims to have learnt to make cybernetic limbs from an old governmental facility from the before the war, which in actual is the Base Cochise destroyed by the Desert Rangers. She claims to have been chased out of western Arizona by the Rangers when they discovered she was offering prosthetic limbs to anyone who wanted it.

Player interactionsEdit

Dr. Kyle will refuse to implant you with a prosthetic limb, claiming she doesn't want the Rangers coming after her again.

You can request her to share her knowledge while talking to her the first time and asking where did she learn the art of cybernetic prosthesis. She will give you the Neural Net Processor Manual in return.

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