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Sister's Keeper is a quest in Wasteland 3.


We received an emergency distress call from someone named Kym Hie. She says she and her sister are under attack by unknown forces and need help immediately.


  • This is a time-sensitive mission. You'll be contacted by radio by Gonzalez, who will patch you through to a distress broadcast by Kym Hie and her sister, Yoon Hie. Head over to the Ghost Town to find them besieged by a troop of mercs. Wipe them out, then advance and talk to Kym. They'll explain their predicament (a bad case of poor life choices on Yoon's part) and that Moss Cogan is on their trail, trying to get his money back or their equivalent with nature. You're free to refuse - or you can try to mediate by talking to Moss.
  • Moss will offer a simple choice: Hand them over, pay over their debt, or go in over their corpses. The debt is steep - 10000 Colorado dollars - but you can negotiate it down to 5000 with a Loved reputation with the Hundred Families or Kiss Ass 6. You can either gain an increase in Fame and +5 to Wastelander Refugees reputation if you resolve the situation in their favor or an increase in your standing with the Hundred Families if you side with Moss.
  • After inquiring about the cost of the debt, you can return to the prior menu and will now find a new Kiss Ass 7 option: negotiating scheduled repayments for Yoon. This will grant you fame and +5 reputation with both factions.


  • Increase in Fame and reputation (faction-dependent)

Raw strings[]

Sister's Keeper
Investigate the distress call from Kym Hie at the ghost town in eastern Colorado.
Report the outcome to HQ
Confront Cogan about the Hie sisters.
Take out Cogan and his mercs.
We killed Cogan and the Hie sisters walked free
We paid off Cogan
We allowed Cogan to capture the Hie sisters.
We killed Cogan and the Hie sisters.
We didn't find Kym Hie
We abandoned the Hie sisters.
Tell Cogan we killed the Hie sisters
We negotiated for the Hie Sisters to pay Cogan back.
We snuck away without dealing with Cogan.
We received an emergency distress call from someone named Kym Hie. She says she and her sister are under attack by unknown forces and need help immediately.
Hie said that she and her sister had taken refuge in some ruins with bandits hot on their tails.
We should let HQ know what happened with Kym and Yoon.
We told Kym we would help them work things out with Cogan.
Cogan didn't like what we had to say, and the situation devolved into battle.
We killed Cogan, resolving Yoon's debt issues. The sisters walked away unharmed.
The only fair way to deal with Cogan and keep the Hie sisters safe was to pay off their debt to Cogan. It was not cheap.
We allowed Cogan to take the Hie sisters into servitude. It'll take them years to pay off their debt.
We rid Colorado of a shady loan shark and a couple of thieves.
We never found Kym Hie or her sister, and their transmissions have stopped. They must have been captured by their assailants.
After meeting Kym and Yoon Hie, we decided not to get involved in their money issues. We abandoned them to their pursuers.
Moss Cogan will be interested to learn that the Hie sisters are dead. Though he may be disappointed that they no longer had his money.
We arranged for the Hie sisters to pay Moss Cogan back over time.
To avoid an awkward discussion with Cogan about the fate of his debtors, we slipped out the back.