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Skill Points (SKP) are used to improve Rangers' skills.


Skill points are given to the Rangers depending on their IQ. In character creation, the initial number of skill points is equal to the Rangers' IQ. Afterwards, the only way to earn more SKP is by increasing said attribute. All skills have a minimal IQ requirement and variable skill point requirement to learn, though subsequent levels scale linearly.

Wasteland 2[]

The way skill points work in the sequel has been changed. Variable amounts of skill points are awarded per level, depending on the Intelligence attribute (the Skill Points per Level derived statistic), while all skills have an unified increase cost system.

Wasteland 3[]

In the next sequel skill points are awarded per level. Normally it is 3 skill points per level. However Poindexter quirk allows to gain +1 skill point every two levels. Intelligence attribute also gives skill points per attribute level up to +9. Many skill books can be found throughout the game that will increase a skill's level by 1, headgear and trinkets will do the same.