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Us FADERS, we're soldiers - vat-grown, no mothers or fathers like you people. Our researchers tailor our genes, and when we die or suffer severe injury, we mix our biomass back into the common pool. Accelerated learning takes care of our education. We're not afraid of death. We don't have an identity. We have a purpose. My designation is Soldier-3 - that's it. No name. Nothing to connect me to life. But while I was leading a work crew, I got trapped down here. I had time to think about my purpose. Our purpose. What we're doing here. (...) I don't want to die. Because the generals send us into war and they never risk their own necks. We're faceless meat for whatever grinder they want to throw us into. We're living, but we're not alive. I want to break that cycle.

Soldier-3 is a character in Wasteland 3.


One of the older FADERs at Cheyenne Mountain, Soldier-3 is unusual among his people for the lines of worry on his face, a grimace, and the appearance of old age. Soldier-3 is a rebel against General-3's order, who had his awakening after he was trapped deep below the bunker during a routine excavation. Trapped, he had time to learn and ponder, realizing that he is more than just his programming and decided to change Cheyenne's order.

Trapped with nothing but wits and electronics, he put together some robots and started working on a way to contact others. He persuaded other soldiers to sabotage Cheyenne, bit by bit, slowly breaking pieces of it so that they would avoid injury or death, but undermine the General's authority.

By the time the Rangers arrive, he is ready to try and topple the General and rebuild society together with his allies: The Head Researcher, Soldier-23, Soldier-78 and Soldier-115


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Old Soldiers Never Die, they just FADERs Away