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Corporal Solveig Sefors is a Ranger stationed at the Ranger Citadel.


An elderly woman, Solveig's path into Ranger service was a bit unconventional. She was already a grandmother twice in her small village when the Rangers moved into the Citadel circa 2087. Recognizing how much good they are doing to the community, she decided to join up. Her grandchildren didn't protest, having long since moved to new communities. Solveig got the odd stare, but pulled her weight in basic and earned her star.

While she is not much good in forward combat, her talents in logistics were spotted by the brass and she was stationed as aide to Sgt. Melson, managing supplies for fresh recruits in the outer fields of the Citadel.




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This character is a merchant. Sells: Solveig runs Solveig Sundries, offering a selection of armor, lower level weapons, and ammunition for the Rangers. She is by far the best equipped shop before the player gains access to the Citadel proper.
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This character has other interactions.
  • Kickstarter backers can type in the code received through inXile's Ranger Center in dialogue with Sefors, to receive skill books that unlock the Southwestern Folklore skill. The code is available on this page.


  • 61290 is the code
  • Solveig is killed when Matthias assaults the citadel.


  1. A kindly older woman in standard issue Ranger garb, she seems occupied counting goods and organizing crates. Aside from the cloths, she's the picture of a loving grandmother. You could swear she smells faintly of fresh-baked cookies."
  2. Solveig Sefors: "Well, hello, recruits! Welcome to Solveig's Sundries! Happy to trade whenever you like. An honor to make your acquaintance. Always nice to see new faces around here, and a pleasure to make sure they have everything they need before they head out into the big bad world."
    Player character: "Nice to meet you too, Solveig. What's your story?"
    Solveig Sefors: "Oh, it's not so interesting. I grew up in a village near here, but I was already a grandmother twice over when the Desert Rangers moved into the Citadel. I saw how much good the Rangers were doing and I wasn't up to much with my children moved to other villages to start their own families. It was a little unconventional for an old lady to go through basic training, but I pulled my weight and earned my star."
    Solveig Sefors: "I may not be too useful in forward operations, but I've got lots of experience keepin' people well-fed and clothed. And I can run a drill press with the best of 'em! So General Vargas has me help Sergent Melson run the supply. And I help Captain Mercaptain in the workshop now and again."
    Player character: "Ranger Citadel? What about it?"
    Solveig Sefors: "I do love this place nowadays. It used to be full of some kooky birds back when I was younger. Fellas seemed to worship pre-war junk. Even if they didn't know what it was. And they wouldn't share none of it! Well, I shouldn't get too judgmental. I'm sure they thought they were doing right."
    Player character: "What's General Vargas like?"
    Solveig Sefors: "He's a modern-day Patton. He's got a mind for strategy and knows how to make the tough calls - but he's got a gentle side, too."
    Player character: "What's Sergeant Melson like?"
    Solveig Sefors: "Oh, he's a great friend. And a great quartermaster. We'd all be eating sand and wiping with cactus flowers without him."
    Player character: "What's Captain Mercaptain like?"
    Solveig Sefors: "She's the smartest person I've ever met, bar none. She can whip up laser beams and water purification systems like I whip up pies."
    Player character: "So you can outfit us?"
    Solveig Sefors: "Well, with essentials as tough to find as they are, I can't just give 'em away for free. Believe me, I wish I could! But we keep our prices as close to cost as we can for our Rangers. You can stop by for the basics whenever your're in the area. And once you get clearance to enter the Citadel, You'll get access to some of our more valuable goodies. You'll have to talk to Sergeant Melson about that when you get inside." "