Cpl. Solveig Sefors is a member of the Desert Rangers and a merchant stationed at the Ranger Citadel.


Sofers was already a grandmother and lived in a village near the location of the Ranger Citadel before the Desert Rangers took over the base. Seeing the help they provided to the people of the Arizona wasteland and as she didn't have much else to do in her life, she decided to join them.

Though she isn't much use in combat, she is good at logistics. She keeps stock of the rations and supplies at the base while also assisting Ethil Mercaptain in the workshop and Tobias Melson in the armory in addition to operating a drill press.

She runs the shop called Solvieg's Sundries at the base, offering supplies and weapons to Desert Rangers in exchange for scraps.


  • Sefors acts as a merchant in the game.
  • inXile Entertainment gave Kickstarter backers of Wasteland 2 a special code that can be used while in dialogue with her to gain the Southwestern Folklore.
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