Thank you for supporting Wasteland 2! Using this book will grant a character the Southwestern Folklore skill that will add additional descriptions throughout your travels.


WL2 Southwestern Folklore Icon

A backer only skill that is implemented with a book gained from typing in 61290 to Cpl. Solveig Sefors at Ranger Citadel

After using the book on your character you gain 10 levels in this skill.

Southwestern Folklore appears as BLUE text on the printout, and is just extra descriptive text.

Locations of TextEdit

  • Near the flags at the Ranger Citadel
  • Near the juveniles in Highpool
  • Rail Nomads Camp
    • Near west junkies x2
    • Entrance
    • Train
  • AG Center
    • Entrance
    • Catapults

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