Spyke Alpha is the leader of the raiders at the Radio Tower.


Spyke is the leader of the brutal raiders who have set up a checkpoint at Radio Tower to harass the locals into paying a toll, killing them if they refuse.

He owns two dogs, one of whom is named Barkmeat, and acts tough. However he's not too bright and can be easily intimidated by the Desert Rangers.

According to him, he had the idea to set up the checkpoint at a mysterious shrine he calls the "Good Thinks Spot". He's been having trouble in making the locals peacefully pay his toll however.


  • Spyke wil accost your squad if you head to the checkpoint near the radio tower and will demand 15 scraps as toll. You can fight him, pay the toll, or talk your way out using one of the speech skills.
  • He can be convinced to join the Desert Rangers with the Kiss Ass skill and can be found being trained by Snake Vargas at the Ranger Citadel along with Mumbles and Slick. He will also reward you 15 scraps.
  • If you use the Smart Ass skill, he will become severely confused and let you pass through, afterwards heading out west alone while trying to figure out what you said.
  • You can learn the location of a mysterious shrine just a little north of the Ranger Citadel if you use either the Hard Ass or Kiss Ass skill while talking with him.
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