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Stage Coach Inn is a location in Quartz. Follow Target Trail in Quartz until you reach the end. It's the gray building to your right.


The Stage Coach Inn is a hotel in Quartz and a prime spot for newcomers to the town to stay while in town.


  • At the lobby you can ask the clerk for the room price and for a room key if you decide to pay the $50 dollars for the room. If you buy a key then you always get a Passkey to Room #10.
  • If you climb over the railing of the lobby the clerk sends his dogs and you have to fight these dogs (Mongrels) and the clerk.
  • The cabinet behind the railing of the lobby is trapped. So first use the Bomb disarm skill before you open it with the Picklock skill. Inside you find a Plastic explosive, a Book and some money.
  • At the saloon (Cookie's Chuckwagon) there is a kitchen in the northeast corner and the cook (Cookie) don't want you to enter it. If you enter it anyway he tips a bucket of hot grease on you. It's also possible that you slip on the kitchen floor. But normally your current armor will take you through all this undamaged. If you finally reach the cook he tells you to leave him alone and you can fetch a knife and two Fruits.
  • Some bums are living in Room #11 and will attack you when you get in. There is a bottle of Snake squeezin and some money under the chair. A young Bum is curled up around an empty jug in the corner of the room from whom you can get the information about the secret way to the Courthouse through Housekeeping at the back of the alley.
  • In room #12 lives a writer who currently writes the Last Great American Novel. Some people are also in the room and tell you to not bother him. When you do so then they jump up but are not attacking you.
  • There is no room #13.
  • In room #14 lives Madman and attacks you when you enter the room. There is some loot under the chair.
  • In room #15 lives Squint and he attacks you on sight. On the table you spot an unopened bottle of Snake Squeezins
  • Room #16 is empty, but a good use for practicing Picklock.
  • In room #17 you find some money under the bed.
  • Room #18 is where you can meet Laurie. Using the key that Ellen gives you leads to a friendly encounter. Laurie is more hostile if you force your way in.
  • In room #20 you find some thugs and a cache under the bed which is trapped with a bomb. So use the Bomb disarm skill to disarm it and you'll find TNT, some ammo and some money.
  • In the housekeeping room you find a Chemical in one of the shelfs. At the end of the room is a door and behind it is the secret passage to the Courthouse the Bum is talking about. But unfortunately two bums are blocking the passage. Give them a bottle of Snake squeezin and they leave.

Fixed encounters[]

Name Type Exp. Pts. Maxcon AC Skill Damage Weapon type Range Group
Pic-1-44.png Gunman Humanoid 32 4-20 1 16 3d6 Semi-auto Short 1
Pic-1-50.png Outlander Humanoid 12 3-15 0 15 2d6+3 Semi-auto Short 1-3
Pic-1-38.png Cutthroat Humanoid 28 3-17 1 1 2d6+1 Melee Melee 1-4
Pic-1-5.png Spiker Humanoid 10 2-12 0 1 2d6 Melee Melee 1-4
Pic-1-49.png Rottweiler Animal 20 5-25 0 1 3d6 Melee Melee 1-4
Pic-1-50.png Squint Humanoid 40 5-25 1 16 2d6+2 Semi-auto Short 1
Pic-1-12.png Clerk Humanoid 10 2-12 0 14 2d6 Semi-auto Short 1
Pic-1-49.png Mongrel Animal 17 4-21 0 1 2d6 Melee Melee 1-4
Pic-1-38.png Mulefoot Humanoid 45 3-18 2 1 2d6 Melee Melee 1
Pic-1-58.png Laurie Humanoid 20 2-12 1 16 3d6 Semi-auto Short 1
Pic-1-58.png Housekeeper Humanoid 16 4-20 0 1 1d6+2 Melee Melee 1-3
Pic-1-46.png Bum Humanoid 15 3-18 0 1 2d6 Melee Melee 1-4
Pic-1-50.png Madman Humanoid 32 4-20 1 14 3d6 Semi-auto Med 1