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Steeltown admin level is a location in Wasteland 3: Battle of Steeltown.


The brain of Steeltown, the admin level is the main floor of the arcology, where the administration, sales departments, and other necessities are located.

Points of interest[]

  • The area is shaped like a donut, if the donut had a massive shaft in the center. Immediately upon entering you are greeted by Bennie Bianchi, the middle manager, who will provide the Rangers with their Steeltown employee badges, which grant access to much of the exterior. She'll then move into Job Placement, with Oluwademilade and Beatrice.
    • There's a toaster inside the Job Placement Center. You can interact with it and use Toaster Repair 7, 9, and ultimately 10 to gain a Russian nesting doll that Olu will immediately offer to trade for 10 special cereal boxes.
  • Beyond the entrance, you have the local shops with Amos Ryan and Serena Ash selling armor and deployables respectively (after the all clear from Administrator Markham), Nurse Firenze and Wink Tillman on the opposite side, selling healing and weapons respectively (also contingent on Markham's OK). The nurse's station is packed with injured workers, who are receiving care from the freshly reassigned nut tightener, assistant Rahmen, who is trying to do her best to keep up with the influx of injuries due to Karl Ludlow's strikebreaking attempt (mostly breaking through hard strikes). The nurse station also has a vending machine with Steeltown consumables and a lot of ammo.
    • Note that you can deactivate the demonstration war-bot and strip it for parts with Mechanics 9.
  • Inside the command center is Abigail Markham and her team of clerks and researchers, together with Di, her robotic assistant and totally not a synth. You can access Markham's private quarters through the rear door (Lockpick 8), giving you access to unique loot. Notably, if you interact with the gun rack, you can notice (with Perception 8) that one of the guns is connected to the rack. Disengage safety, chamber a round, and pull the trigger to open up Markham's safe and obtain the recorded conversation and a lot of loot.



Notable loot[]

  • Markham's journal: Inside Markham's bedroom.
  • Recorded conversation, recipe for elite cryo exoskeleton, 6 Tellurium steel: In Markham's safe.