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More than a factory, Steeltown is an interconnected complex of many factories, making vehicles, generators, furnaces, and household appliances.

Steeltown factory level is a location in Wasteland 3: Battle of Steeltown.


This level is where the magic happens: The heart of Steeltown's war-bot production. Currently under siege by Karl Ludlow's security force.

Points of interest[]

  • This level's a gauntlet. You start in the factory bay area, and meet Karl and Crow shortly. After getting your bearings, strip the area for loot: There's a good amount of containers and a vending machine in the control room, and additional loot behind level 9 EMP mines and a level 8 tripwire. Open the door to the assembly area to meet Giles on the barricades. The adjacent rooms have additional loot, and the locked shed (Lockpick 8 + Explosives 8 for the tripwire) has Luna Moon. Don't miss the message to Luis.
  • In the northeast corner is a locked area, described by Di as a combination workspace and incinerator. The locked level 8 door leads to Keith, a trapped fire suppression expert. You can help him get out and take a leak, but definitely check out the chest to find some proof of Ludlow's misdeeds.
  • After assembling the war-bot legs, head south. You'll run into Reg, a firebrand worker who will try to intimidate you. After clearing the room, there are some scattered containers and access to the laser assembly area, which has a locked level 10 control room that has some of the first instances of DLC armor.
  • Out north is the exit to the factory loading bay. You'll find Newt's mom on the way - dead, unfortunately - and a locked closet. Di, Nerd Stuff 9 or Lockpicking 9 grant access to the inside (mind the level 8 explosive tripwire), and it contains Ivan's prototype (for Gift of the Magi) and an auction list indicating that Ludlow is a slaver.
  • The final confrontation takes place in the main foundry. After the fight, grab the loot, including a new vehicle part and toaster item in the foundry.


Notable loot[]