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Pueblo Colorado was an industrial town. The town has been a ruin since the apocalypse, but its industrial side has boomed in recent years.

Steeltown gates is a location in Wasteland 3: Battle of Steeltown.


The gates of the Steeltown arcology are normally used to move resources in, manufactured goods out, and humans in both direction to keep the industrial heart of Colorado going. Trouble is, in recent weeks it has fallen on hard times: Production is sub-standard, the gates are shut, workers rioting, and refugees amassing.

Points of interest[]

  • You arrive at the scene at the south bridge, with the Kodiak parked nearby. As you approach the gates, Bennie Bianchi's holographic projection appears and tries to calm the workers demanding access to the factory and their families. Once she notices the Rangers, she refers them to Human Resources in order to gain credentials to enter the factory as workers.
  • The immediately accessible area lies to the east, and is the refugee camp with a soup kitchen. Just next to it stands Carla Asphalt Runner, stuck due to unlisted cargo in her back (starts Hot Commodities). Deeper inside the refugee camp is a group of them watching (or pretending to watch) TV, with a level 10 locked safe near them. Further in is Fatima, Deirdre, and Newt, with a level 8 locked drug stash and a trapped container with 4 Tellurium steel.
    • The refugees will be killed off one by one as you visit the gates, by an unknown murderer who has ties to the Rangers.
  • To the west is a bridge that connects to the scrapyard. The passageway will open upon passing the skills test and becoming a valued employee of Steeltown (in an attack by the Ghost Gang, but these are the breaks). H3R0 is standing there, tampered with regularly by Beals of the Ghost Gang. They will run away when the Rangers approach. H3R0 can be checked for some Tellurium steel. Around the bend (mind the level 9 mines) is Young Man Vinters, dressed in a bear suit. The southern alcove has a group of waste worms under the lead of a large frost crawler, for Luis and Flushed. In the far part of the scrapyard is Beals and her crew; check the level 9 toaster and level 10 safe for some ph4t l3wt.
  • To the north is the entrance to Steeltown administration proper, together with Cookie's shipment of meat near the gates. You do need to find some proper paperwork to get it sent to him, though.



Notable loot[]

  • Tellurium steel: 4 in the trapped container in the refugee camp. 4 on H3R0. Another 4 in the broken level 9 toaster near where you encounter Beals.
  • Aram's note: On Aram's body, Perception 6 required.
  • Fatima’s note: On Fatima's body after she's killed.
  • Elite tar-thrower recipe: In the level 8 toaster in the scrapyard.
  • Complete schematics set for the Elite pyro exo suit: In the level 10 locked safe in the scrapyard.
  • Possible drop of two random Steeltown weapons from level 10 locked safe in the refugee camp.
  • Possible drop of two random Steeltown weapons per digsite in the scrapyard (high perception is required).