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Stoll's burden is a Lore book in Wasteland 3.


A collection of worn old dog tags. Words are scratched into each.


A collection of old dog tags, threaded through on a single length of ball chain. The first is in good condition despite its age, the lettering smoothed down but still clear: Gartner, Isaac; O Positive; Catholic. The name 'Stolls' has been etched into the back, unsteady writing with a sharp, imprecise tool. The rest of the tags are worn down and scratched over, with different names added into the available space. Each is paired with a date, the oldest one more than twenty years ago. On the back of every tag, however, is a somber inscription: 'You were deceived. You are sorry.' The exception is the final tag, more damaged than the others. Minor dents and scratches mark the edges, a small corner pushed inward and broken off, as if by a bullet. The machine printing has been forcibly removed, and no name is there to replace it. Only the words 'Project founder' on the front give any clue as to its original owner. The inscription on the back is different as well, the carving smaller but steadier, as by a more peaceful hand: 'Many regrets, but not this one. Forget everything else.',


Clown Museum: On the body encased in ice west of the ballerinas; use fire to thaw it.