Strength (ST): The ability to overpower enemies or to lift, move, and break items. This is important in hand-to-hand combat and in physical tasks such as breaking down doors.

Source: Wasteland manual

Wasteland 2Edit

A ranger with high strength is able to hit hard, carry more gear, take more damage, recover more quickly from injury, and use heavy weapons. Unlike intelligence, !!-strength works retroactively-!! , allowing players to receive CON per level for levels already attained.

++ Max CON per level
+ Base melee damage
++ Max carry weight
++ Starting CON
+ Number of action points

Max Carry Weight (Pounds)57698193105117129141153165
CON Per Level7889 91010111112

Max Carry Weight (Pounds) = 45 + (strength * 12)

MAXCON = 14 + (strength * 3) + (level * CON Per level)  + Lucky HP Rolls

I know it's tempting to just pick up everything you find but it's not worth it. You're a ranger, not a mule. ~ Thrasher

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