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'Stubin's is a small farm in West Arizona. Not much is known about it before it was hit by a mutating disease from the Agricultural Center that had been spread there by pigeons. By the time the Desert Rangers arrived to assist the inhabitants they had all turned into pod people.


As the Rangers get close to the farm, the dry wasteland scrub gives way to lush, green plant life, and they can hear the distant buzzing of insects. That's probably a bad sign. The house has been practically swallowed by grotesquely swollen vegetables, and a strange tree with white leaves is growing up through the roof. Thick vines and creepers have smashed through all the windows, and through the small gaps Rangers can see that kitchen is so filled by the trunk of the cauliflower. Margorie lies on the living room floor next to a pistol. It looks like she blew her own head off, rather than succumb to infection.

Points of interest[]

The layout of the farm is straightforward. The primary combat area is the large courtyard, entered through a collapsed billboard. It's infested with infected pod persons, supafly critters and megamaggots in large numbers. It's recommended to tackle it after restocking and rearming.