"Super loot bags" is an exploit affecting the IBM/PC version of Wasteland. This exploit does not work on the Commodore 64/Apple II versions of the game. By using the bug, one can create a "super loot bag" containing nearly limitless numbers of random items (and some "non items", such as "Russian" or "Female") that a party can loot... including some ultra-powerful and rare items, such as Proton Axes and Pseudo-chitin armor. Credit goes to "M. Zier"; the details were found on The Wasteland Ranger HQ-Grid/The Underground.


This trick involves gambling, though not much of it. However, it must be performed at a gambling establishment with more than one seat available to the player, such as the Acapulco Club in downtown Needles (say "ACAPULCO" to gain admittance) or Fat Freddy's in Las Vegas. To gamble, you'll need to disband one member of your party to sit in the chair. Now, do the following:

  • Go to a chair, gamble until you win. Don't take your winnings!
  • Go to another chair, gamble until you win. Again: don't take your winnings!
  • Go back to the first chair and pick up your loot, and then drop an item from anyone's inventory.
  • Go back to the second chair, get it, and when it asks "Who wants loot?", hit the down arrow, and then escape.

Now, if you go to pick up loot from this spot, it will display a whole lot of random items available, in seemingly random amounts, but in actuality, all are unlimited.

Unbalancing the GameEdit

One major criticism of this technique is that it unbalances the game play severely. Theoretically, level one characters could be strutting the Wastelands in high-end armor (including the NAME AC armor) and incredibly deadly weapons, and lay waste to everything. However, making the characters nigh-unkillable and giving them weapons that can take down tanks (such as the aforementioned Proton Axes, of which there are precisely two in the game normally) means that the only improvements to be made to the characters are in their skills, stats and levels. Another somewhat less-unbalancing use is to simply gather tons of stuff to sell for incredible amounts of cash, giving the player a reserve for speedy healing and purchase of ammunition.

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