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Svargas Snake is a former Desert Ranger who was captured by the Red Skorpion Militia.


Through shaggy hair and a ratty beard you see a gaunt, grimy face. Under the beard you see a dog collar, with a very familiar looking dog tag. The tag that dangles from the collar is actually a Desert Ranger's star. On the back of the star, a name is etched - "S. Dubich"


  • If peacefully enter the Prison, you can ask Hyaon Darhku about him and he will tell you that he's the boss's idea of a joke. Since he could not get the real Vargas, he captured some poor Desert Ranger and turned him into what he is now.

Behind the scenes

  • Svargas is part of a double reference to Stephen Dubich. While he's only ever named as S. Dubich, there's also a Mannerite Civility Enforcer at the Angel's Oracle named Stephen Dubich, located to the right of the Angel Oracle inner area (near the Meson cannon, where you take the initial test questions). It's a coincidence, one that leads one to speculate if the Dubiches aren't brothers born to parents who are not particularly creative when it comes to names.
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