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Swifty is a slaver preying on the poor street kids of Hollywood.


Plying his trade at Schwag's, Swifty is a genuine predator. He masks his activities as "talent seeking" and headhunting, claiming that over half of the workers at Heidi's and the Chinese Casino have been recommended by him. That may very well be the case, if you replace "recommended" with "sold". Flo has her doubts about him, but so far, she has been unable to find any concrete evidence that would allow her to act.

Swifty runs his outfit out of a couch and a box in one of the ruined alleys of Hollywood. He claims the setup is temporary, until the HCC processes his application, but the truth is, it's there to make ambushing and abducting marks easier.


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This character is involved in quests.

Flo doesn't like how Schwag lets all the bad elements of Hollywood in the diner - Flo doesn't trust people like Swifty and wants something done about it.


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