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Team Able is one of the main Desert Rangers teams operating in the wasteland. In 2102, their main assignment, alongside Team Charlie, is preventing a range war from becoming straight-up genocide.[1] Team Echo can intercept a transmission reporting that the Ranger team hit a group of raiders.

Behind the scenes[]

Team Able, at one point, makes a comical reference to the A-team, when Cpt. Peppard notes that he "Loves it when a plan comes together".

The most obvious reference to "The A-Team" are the in game character names, which resemble the actual actors names of the A - Team characters.

  • George Peppard - Hannibal (in game Captain Peppard)
  • Dirk Benedict - Face (in game Ranger Benedict)
  • Dwight Schultz - Murdoc (in game Ranger Schultz)
  • Laurence Tureaud (pseudonym Mr. T) - B.A. Baracus (in game Ranger Tureaud)


  1. Vargas: "Yeah, I know. You've hardly found your feet with us, and here I am sendin' you on a *mission* that already got one Ranger killed. Well, I wish I had another option, but the Desert Rangers are spread a little thin right now. Ranger Teams Able and Charlie are out west tryin' to stop a range war out there from becomin' straight up genocide, and Team Baker is up north lookin' for a way through the radiation that's cut us off from Vegas. I'm afraid the next generation is going to have to lead the charge on this one."
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