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Team Charlie transmissions are radio broadcasts in Wasteland 2.



Fawcett: Charlie One calling Citadel Base. Come in.

Vargas: Go ahead, Charlie One.

Fawcett: Got some meth dealers doin' business out at Red Leg. Should we take 'em?

Vargas: Hang back, Charlie One. See if you can follow 'em to the source. And call me before you make a move.

Fawcett: Copy, Citadel Base. Hangin' back. Charlie One out.



Fawcett: Charlie One to Citadel Base.

Vargas: Go ahead, Charlie One. Still on those dealers?

Fawcett: Ten four, Citadel base. Followed 'em to trailer park in the middle of nowhere. Looks like a lab.

Vargas: Copy, Charlie One. Let me know if you need back-up.

Fawcett: Negative. Only a few peo-- [cc]Sounds of SMG fire, Shotgun fire[-]

Fawcett: Shit! Ambush! Back to the rocks! Back to the--

Vargas: Charlie One, come in! Charlie One! Dammit!

Vargas: Citadel Base calling all teams. Anyone in the vicinity of Red Leg Sands, Rangers need assistance ASAP.

Vargas: Charlie One, this is Citadel Base. If you can hear me, I am calling for assistance, and will send help to you if I find it. Call in when it is safe to do so and advise on your situation. Citadel Base out.



Fawcett: [cc]Winded voice[-] Charlie One to Citadel Base.

Vargas: Damn good to hear your voice, Charlie One! What's your status?

Fawcett: No-one dead, amazingly enough. Meth heads couldn't shoot for shit. But I got three wounded, one critical. Heading for Red Leg. Gonna see their doc.

Vargas: Ten four, Charlie One. Call at location. And stay safe.

Fawcett: Roger, Citadel Base. Charlie One out.

Vargas: Go ahead, Charlie One. You make Red Leg?

Fawcett: Roger, Citadel Base, but, uh... Doyle didn't make it. He bled out.

Vargas: **sigh** Ten... ten four, Charlie One. Bring him home. I'll let his people know.

Fawcett: Copy, Citadel Base. On our way.