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Template for linking gameplay articles from an overview article about a type of item. Automatically generates links based on the abbreviations specified.

Based on {{Hatnote}}.


{{gamearticle|game abbreviation 1|game abbreviation 2}}


RequiredIcon required.png
<unnamed 1> up to <unnamed 10>

Game abbreviations (e.g. "FO2"). See {{abb}} for valid abbreviations.

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By default, the template generates links to subpages based on the name of the page it is used in. If the gameplay articles have a different naming than the overview page, you can use this parameter to specify the differing "base" name.

For example, if the template is used on a page called "Laser Pistol", the links it generates will be of the format "Laser Pistol (Wasteland)" (etc). If you set link to "Laser Gun", the links will have the format "Laser Gun (Wasteland)".

OptionalIcon optional.png
link1 up to link10

Allows you to set the target page for the corresponding unnamed parameter directly. This overrides the default behaviour of appending game names in brackets to the current pagename or the pagename set by link.

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If set to "mentioned", no links will be generated. Instead the template will display that there are no appearances of this item and list the games it is mentioned in (if any).


  • Auxiliary template: {{Abb}}
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