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Template documentation (for the template shown above, sometimes hidden or invisible)

Auxiliary template for {{Interactions}}. It should not be used directly in articles; use {{Interactions}} instead.

This template creates a single interaction item with up to 3 sub-items.


|maininput =User input for the main item
|maintext  =Example label
|sub1input =User input for the sub-item
|sub1text  =Example sub-label
|sub1type  =plain


Sometimes required or at least one requiredIcon semi-required.png
(default: none)

User input for the main interaction item. Only required/effective if no sub-items are specified; otherwise the output for the main field is determined by the input for the sub-item(s).

RequiredIcon required.png
(default: none)

The displayed text/label for the main interaction item.

OptionalIcon optional.png
sub1input, sub2input, sub3input

User input for the respective sub-item.

OptionalIcon optional.png
sub1text, sub2text, sub3text

The displayed text/label for the respective sub-item. How exactly this text is displayed depends on the corresponding subtype parameter; see below.

OptionalIcon optional.png
(default: "binary")
sub1type, sub2type, sub3type

Determines valid inputs and displayed layout for the respective sub-item.

Possible choices are:

  • binary: Creates "yes"/"no"-type field. The text (see subtext above) is displayed if "yes" is entered.
  • phrase: Displays user input in the middle of a preset phrase. If this option is used, subtext contains the phrase in question and must contain the respective input parameter in the place where the user input should appear.
  • plain: Displays user input without any additional formatting. The corresponding subtext parameter has no effect and is not displayed.

For all types entering "no", "none", "-" or nothing will result in the sub-item not being displayed.

Documentation transcluded from Template:Interactions/aux/doc.