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Template for standardized NPC interaction information. All parameters should be empty, unless applicable.



  • none: Use this value if the character has no special interactions (set to "yes" or leave empty). DO NOT USE ANY OTHER ENTRY WITH THIS.
  • other: Whether this character offers miscellaneous services (has a function that isn't classified under other headings). Use short description.
  • companion: Whether this character is a companion (set to "yes" or leave empty).
  • pet level: Whether this character is a pet (provide Animal Whisperer skill level which is required to tame this pet).
    • pet bonus: Pet bonus which is applied without Spirit Animal perk.
    • pet bonus sa: Pet bonus which is applied with Spirit Animal perk.
  • rest: If this character provides free resting (set to "yes" or leave empty).
  • quests started: Quests started by this character (leave empty if none). Use bulleted list (*).
  • quests involved: Quests this character is involved in but does not start (leave empty if none). Use bulleted list (*).
  • wares: If this character is a merchant, what kind of wares it has available (list wares or leave empty). Use bulleted list (*).


{{Interactions WL3
|companion       =
|wares           =
|rest            =
|quests_started  =
|quests_involved =
|none            = yes
|other           =
For pets
{{Interactions WL3
|pet_level       =
|pet_bonus       =
|pet_bonus_sa    =
|other           =