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Temple of Blood is a location in Needles. Enter the large building in the north-west of Needles. The southern door of the building is the main-entrance. The door to the east is the entrance to the garage.


This is the home to the cult of the Temple of Blood.


If each party member carries a Robe in their inventory (you don't have to wear them), you won't have to fight two guards in the hallway. You still have to fight random encounters, though. And you want to kill those guards anyway. So don't bring Robes (and I doubt you'll have found that many anyway, unless you got lucky in the downtown basement). There are squares in the temple which raise or lower the frequency of encounters depending on whether you have Robes, but the difference will hardly be noticeable, and there's little to stay around for.

The seats in the main gathering room feature callouts to the paragraphs. Don't be taken in by the fake paragraphs. The real paragraph will mention the word MOTEKIM. You can also find this in one of the rooms to the left. North of there you can torture yourself in several ways: Step on the electric floor, sit in the electric chair, or walk into the laser beam over the bed. Turn off the laser instead and you can recruit Ralf the bum.

Return to the altar room and cross it. Raid the locker rooms and kill the gamekeepers. When you agree to play, you're teleported onto the chessboard (no way back, but it's no big deal). The correct path is 1n, 4w, 2n, 5e, 1s, 2e, 4n, 2w, 1s, 4w, 2n, 2e. Add that up and you get "30" (or "thirty"), which is the answer to the question. For every time after the first that you step on the wrong square on the chessboard, everyone will be zapped for 5 points of damage irrespective of their armour. If you want to run quickly across the board you can take "only" 10 points of damage by going north once, west once, then north to the exit.

If you get it wrong you have to do it all over again, if you get it right you end up by a lake of blood.

Random encounters[]

Name Type Exp. Pts. Maxcon AC Skill Damage Weapon type Range Group
Pic-1-9.png Silicon Sniper Robot 125 6-31 4 30 3d6+2 Automatic Med 1-4
Pic-1-9.png Hunter Robot 150 7-37 4 30 5d6 Automatic Med 1-4
Pic-1-9.png Killer Robot 200 10-50 4 30 5d6+2 Automatic Med 1-4
Pic-1-60.png Guard Humanoid 60 5-25 2 20 3d6+1 Semi-auto Short 1-2

Fixed encounters[]

Name Type Exp. Pts. Maxcon AC Skill Damage Weapon type Range Group
Pic-1-5.png Executioner Humanoid 60 5-25 2 4 2d6+1 Melee Melee 1-2
Pic-1-46.png Hobo Humanoid 20 5-25 0 1 2d6 Melee Melee 1-2

Behind the scenes[]


The Temple of Blood is both the name and the headquarters of a fanatical cult that rose up in Needles, Nevada, after the nuclear war. Its red-robed-clad members are led by the Blood Priest, who is aided in his total control over his supplicants by a ceremonial figure known as the Executioner.

The temple sits on top of a live nuclear missile, a relic that cult members transported there during the group's founding. Above that ominous monument to potential devastation is a lake filled with the vagrants routinely drained by the cult. It is there that the cultists conduct their religious ceremonies. Those services, as well as their temple, are guarded by armed robots, including the Silicon Sniper.

The primary holy relic of the temple is the Bloodstaff, which their priests keep by their side at all times.

~ Desert Rangers Wasteland Survival Guide