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The 3 is a tier 6 machine gun in Wasteland 2.


No idea what happened to "The 1" or "The 2" but you don't need 'em. "The 3" is all the machine gun you'll ever need - times three!


One of the most powerful heavy weapons in the entire game (and definitely with the longest, baddest bursts). This weapon has an exceptionally high critical hit damage multiplier (x15), making a good combo with Combat Shooting skill - this will make the game's finale a breeze to walk through, being able to score over 500 damage in a single burst. It's up to the player whether to use this 'legal cheat' or not - but even without it, The 3 is still a very, very powerful minigun that redeems the whole class of heavy weapons.

The weapon alerts enemies (generates noise) in a 36 unit radius.