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The Gift is a character in Wasteland 3.


The woman in the heavy wheelchair looks at you, then looks at the green-skinned woman in a Ranger uniform beside her. Her guards glare at you, but are clearly awaiting her signal.

The Gift is the scientist responsible for creating the hallucinogenic gasses that sustain the Breathers. She is a descendant of one of the Hundred Families who owned Aspen, abducted, broken, and manipulated by Victory Buchanan to create the Breathers. He used her brilliant scientific mind to create a method for controlling others: Once subjected to the hallucigenic effect of her gas, they'd become pliable and easy for Vic to persuade and direct.

The Gift does not partake in the gas herself, instead using an aerosolized painkiller to deal with the pain of her broken body. She's permanently wheelchair-bound, another of Vic's "gifts". What the elder Buchanan son didn't mention is that it also has a bomb implanted that allows him to destroy her at a whim.

While she's convinced that Victory saved her, she isn't his slave and exercises certain independence. She saw compassion and intelligence in Pizepi Joren, for instance, and convinced Vic to hand her over. The two have been working together at Little Hell since then, with Pizepi gaining insight into the Breathers and ever so slightly turning the Gift against the Psychopath.


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Raising a Little Hell

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  • Raising a Little Hell: Oh, she's very important. With Mechanics 7, you can ask to inspect her chair. Explosives 8 will allow you to identify a bomb strapped underneath the wheelchair. You can use Kiss Ass 8 or Perception 8 to turn her against Victory and make her abandon his cause, but only if you made a good enough impression.