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The Holy Detonation is a location in Wasteland 3: Cult of the Holy Detonation.


Formerly known as the Cheyenne Mountain LIAB Stasis Reactor, now revered as the home of the god of both the Primordialists and the Nucleists - the Holy Detonation.

Points of interest[]

  • Welcome to the great finale. Immediately to your right you'll find the KEG (Kinetic Energy Generator) test bed controller. To complete the puzzle, you must place the receptacle over at the farthest, positive terminal. This is achieved easiest by finishing the negative move at the middle position, which is easiest to achieve with the following combination: 1+, 3-, 3+, 1-, 3+, 1-, 2+.
    • You can use Weird Science 9 or Nerd Stuff 9 to map out all possible moves to get a clue. Or you can use Sneaky Shit 9 to notice a dangling power cable...
    • Either way, you get access to the room beyond, with a level 10 broken toaster that contains a slimy doll and a recipe for the Infused Security Turret.
  • Also check up the Nerd Stuff 10 locked safe by the entrance to the chamber, which contains a full set of crafting recipes for the advanced hazmat suit.
  • Once you're ready, head on into the main chamber of the Holy Detonation. What follows is a massive confrontation with Proteus; if you reunited the Primordialists and the Nucleists you'll be facing Proteus bolstered by Polyp's rage, which means that you're up shit creek without a paddle or much to defend yourself with. See Final Form for details.



Notable loot[]


Concept art by Dan Glasi

Behind the scenes[]