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The Mechanic is a character in Wasteland 3.


One of the craftiest spies at the Patriarch's disposal, the mechanic is a fixer with no equal who managed to stay alive right under Liberty's nose. He managed this outstanding feat by being even more cutthroat than the rest of them and ratting them out over time to his employer. As such, he enjoys a position of considerable influence in the camp and can help any team of expendable muscleheads sent by the Patriarch, such as the Rangers, get killed.


WL2 Skill Icon Barter.png
This character is a merchant. Sells: Late game merchants, selling top tier weapons, implants, mods, and ammunition. Uniques include the Atom Smasher and Plasma Fist.
WL2 Skill Icon Smartass.png
This character starts quests.

Sand in the Gastank
Gods and Clowns
Canary in the Coal Mine

WL2 Skill Icon Hardass.png
This character is involved in quests.

The Traitor

WL2 Skill Icon Lockpicking.png
This character has other interactions.

If you have Ironclad Cordite in your party, you will need to either kill the Mechanics or permanently dump Cordite from your party to talk to him.