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Guns, sanctified with blood. Blood, sanctified by guns.

The Sanctified Piscitelli is the owner and operator of the Bizarre’s weapon store and experimental workshop.


The woman has scars all over her body, marks that speak of acid burns and shrapnel damage. Her eyes are scarred and blind, yet she turns to you as you approach.

Piscitelli is a woman who is religiously devoted to the weapons she crafts and modifies, with every scar a reminder of her utter devotion to her craft. She works on weapons with wanton abandon, bearing the damage she incurred in the process as badges of pride.


WL2 Skill Icon Barter.png
This character is a merchant. Sells: High end weapons and ammunition, complete with mods. Also the Modder's Kit.
WL2 Skill Icon Lockpicking.png
This character has other interactions.
  • With Weapon Modding 6, you can offer to help her with a complex project, which will yield a random high end weapon and a mod for it.