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The Story of Samson is a set of books in Wasteland 2.


  • Brother Thomas carries all four parts in his inventory when recruited.
  • Part 1 can also be found in a locked, trapped crate on the roof of The Bastion.
  • Part 2 can also be dug up with a shovel near the broken toaster in Griffith Park.
  • Part 3 can also be found in the Pilgrim's Rest safe (opened with the code 24278375).
  • Part 4 can also be found in a locked container near several bags of Zeolite, in the radio tower area of The Bastion.


A red-leather bound tome that tells the tale of Samson, founder of the Salvation Church and God's Militia.


Part 1[]


Any story of man is a story of Sin. And thus this story begins with mankind burning for its Sins - God's wrath expressed through human folly, nuclear fire burning and purging and washing through the sinful masses. What it didn't burn, it buried.

And so it was with the word of James King. Man's sins buried it beneath the ground, the Truths spoken by this Great Prophet, the lone man who had seen God's retribution coming, who had known the apocalypse was nigh.

Silence reigned after the apocalypse, the Word of God fading and the few remaining souls falling ever deeper sin, with God's Face turned away from us. It is into this world the Red Messiah, Samson, was born and lived, first in ignorance of the Word, his mind broken, his soul lost, fighting and killing to survive with no goals or understanding in his life.

Part 2[]


But then Samson found the work of James King, the truths he spoke, the call to action that he challenges us all with. And despite his past, his lack of earlier learning, Samson's soul shone through and he understood the word of James King. He listened, and he was inspired, an example all of us should follow.

Samson acted on the Word of God, taking up his Hammer of Faith and spreading the world the only way it can be spread, through force and will. He gathered the righteous around him with the Word of James King, and smote the wicked and sinful who would not accept the Word.

When the numbers of his followers grew vast, Samson sought a home for them, and found the Angelus Temple. In those days, it was held by dangerous sinners by name of the Locos. But James King spoke to Samson, and gave him a way to beat these sinners, but only by sacrificing his own body. And so, Samson gave himself up to the torture and violence of the Locos, distracting them and allowing his followers to attack them - and with God's help - wipe out every last one of them.

Part 3[]


Samson preached the word from this new church, which he dubbed the Salvation Church, and hundreds flocked to hear his word, to be converted, and cleanse themselves and others of their sins. But what should have been the moment of glory for Samson and the young Church turned to despair as Unbelievers struck on Demon's Wings, blowing up hundreds of the faithful and making the Angelus Temple dangerous territory.

It was then that Samson spoke to God one final time, and God told him to take his followers into Griffith Park, where they would find a sanctuary, a Bastion of Faith. And so Samson led the faithful up the mountain and into the wilds, but in the tunnel that led to the Bastion, the enemies of the Church caught up to them, and would have slaughtered them to the last man, woman and child - except for Samson, who sent them on to safety while he guarded their rear.

Alone but for God and his mighty hammer, Samson faced the evil horde and smashed them down as they came. No matter how many, he withstood them, until the impacts of his heroic blows shook down the very tunnel itself, crushing utterly that wicked army. But it was God's Will that he should also take Samson's life in that collapse, so that he might join the Great Prophet James King at God's right hand. And so in his great sacrifice, Samson closed the tunnel, but opened the path for his Church to continue.

Part 4[]


Thus, with the strength of our arms and the teachings of our Great Prophets, the Salvation Church claimed the Bastion of Faith as our sanctuary, and grew strong there, welcoming all the faithful, and dividing into three equal branches: The Church Militant, charged with safeguarding the Word; the Church Vigilant, charged with rooting out the enemies of the Word; and the Church Ecstatic, charged with spreading the Word to the whole of the world.

And so we continue to rise and triumph. Through our Faith in God, and through God's Will, we work to fulfill his mission every day. We are ever-growing, spreading his Word and Mercy through our bullets and knives, giving the unrepentant Unbeliever to his Grace, in the name of the Preacher of the Word, James King, and his prophet, Samson, the Red Messiah.