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The Traitor is a quest in Wasteland 3.


Though the whereabouts of Liberty Buchanan, a warlord to rival her father, were originally unkown, you eventually learn about her whereabouts. The catch? You learn this from Angela Deth.


  • This is a lengthy mission that will not be completed for quite a while - at least, until you deal with Victory Buchanan as part of The Psychopath. You will be contacted by radio by Angela Deth, who will then direct you to her informant at Peterson Air Force Base.
  • Talking to him will trigger an attack by the Scar Collectors. After driving them off, you will be asked to head over to the Hoon Homestead and talk to Angie herself. She's inside, grizzled, scarred, and determined to bring an end to the Patriarch.
    • With First Aid 3, you can offer some help with the facial scarring. She will thank you for your concern, but refuse. In fact, you'll be getting medic packs in return, so it's a good deal.
  • The Scar Collectors again attack after you talk to her. The force is relatively large, but you'll have Angela and her team alongside. After dealing with the rude interruption, she will outline her plan for Colorado: Deposing the Patriarch. You can make an initial decision here: Siding with the Patriarch and orders from Ranger Command or join her in deposing the dictator of Colorado.
  • Afterwards, it's time to find Liberty. Liberty is found at the Yuma County Speedway, beyond a thick belt of radiation (upgrade the Kodiak with the Dominator Chassis to survive). Upon arrival, you'll be contacted by an informant (The Mechanic), who will reveal that you need to start breaking up Liberty's gang confederation (starting Sand in the Gastank). You can choose to just go straight up to the door and knock. With your guns.
  • Either way, once you are about to meet Liberty, keep in mind that doing so will lock you into the endgame. Finish up any quests you might have or explore the map, since it's straight to the endings from here on.
  • Confronting Liberty can go various ways:
    • Kiss Ass 10 allows you to join Liberty at the head of her army; this is only available without Lucia Wesson or Ironclad Cordite in the party.
    • Nerd Stuff 10 allows for disabling her drone control by hacking her armor (which results in combat)
    • Hard Ass convinces her that her tenuous control over the gangs will disappear once she's deposed her father and the only way to survive is through his mercy. This ends the fight peacefully.
    • Or you can just start shooting.
  • Either way, once she's dealt with, you can find Lucia's father in the back behind a Lockpick 6 door, and either assume leadership over the gangs with Ironclad Cordite (starting Gangs All Here) or return to Colorado Springs to decide whether to keep your promise to the Patriarch or break it (Promises Made, Promises Kept).

Raw strings[]

The Traitor
Discover the whereabouts of Liberty Buchanan.
Meet Angela Deth's agent at Ranger HQ.
Meet Angela Deth at the Hoon Homestead.
Go to Yuma County and capture or kill Liberty Buchanan.
Return to Colorado Springs.
Return to Colorado Springs.
Return to Patriarch, Liberty dead, no sons killed
Return to Patriarch, Liberty dead, 1 or more son killed
Return to Patriach, Liberty captured, 1 or fewer sons killed
Return to Patriarch, Liberty captured, 2 sons killed
We killed Angela Deth before getting Liberty's location from her.
Defeat the Scar Collectors attacking Ranger HQ.
The endgame is on and our path drives us back to Colorado Springs.
Locate Liberty Buchanan, the Patriarch's daughter, and bring her back home to Colorado Springs.
Liberty Buchanan has disappeared. We need to figure out where she is, but without any leads we can't make forward progress on this mission.
Angela Deth's squad-mate has some clues for us on the whereabouts of Liberty. We're meeting back at Ranger HQ.
Angela Deth wants to speak in person at the Hoon Homestead near Colorado Springs.
Liberty is camped out with the gangs she has rallied to her cause at the Yuma County Speedway. Once we get there, we'll need to find a way to get to her and either take her into custody or take her out.
With Liberty dead, the only thing left is to inform her father.
A Ranger squad picked up Liberty and took her to the brig at Ranger HQ. The Patriarch will want to know that she's safe and contained.
The Patriarch was upset at Liberty's death but not upset enough to betray us.
The Patriarch betrayed us because so many of his kids died.
The Patriarch's whole family is now reunited.
The Patriarch betrayed us after we got Liberty home since we killed his sons.
Angela Deth is dead and with her the information concerning the whereabouts of LIberty Buchanan.
Scar Collectors are assaulting HQ! We'll have to drive them off before we leave the base.
No time to report back to the Patriarch. The shit has hit the fan back in Colorado Springs.
It's impossible to finish this mission now that we've gone rogue.
With Ironclad Cordite in control of the gangs, no one will stop us from entering Liberty's compound. She's in the building at the rear of the Savage Council camp.
Now that we've tricked the gangs into removing themselves from the equation, Liberty's compound is vulnerable. Time to fight our way in.
Angela Deth contacted us by radio and warned us not to go after Liberty until we're better equipped. She said Liberty is somewhere out beyond the eastern border, building an army of warlords to help her assault Colorado Springs.
Liberty Buchanan confronted us in the wastes and warned us not to come after her.