• I┬áthink it might be a flavour text skill or something

    what do you think it does?

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    • Probably just adds "interesting facts about" whatever topic you on. Much like Cliff Clavin did for Cheers. And I think this is a backer only skill.

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    • I like the "Clavin" reference. But you're right that is what it does; gives a bit of local colour.

      I understand that it was also possible at the start to sell them for 90 dollars a pop, and as you could keep inputting the kickstart code (61290) and get as many copies of the books as you wished it was a great way of kittting out for your first foray into the Wastelands.But alas that loophole has been fixed, now you can still get the books but they are now intrinsically worthless!

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