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They told us we had to pay an *Untilled Field Tax*. She asked how we could till the field when they'd taken our plow for not paying our *Property Insurance*. At first they thought she was funny. Crazy woman screaming at gang of armed men. I just stayed inside and prayed. Then she started calling their taxes what they really are, protection money, extortion, daylight robbery. That shamed 'em. So they gunned her down while... while all I did was stand and watch.

Tim Messer is a character found in the Prison.


One of the farmers eking out an existence under the rule of the Red Skorpion Militia, Messer has recently suffered a terrible loss - his wife was gunned down by the Red Skorpions for questioning their authority and extortionate practices.


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This character has other interactions.
  • Tim casts light on the practices of the RSM and the abuse they wreak on the poor farmers who are just trying to get by.